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AZO Dyes - current product recalls in Australia 


- There are 3 product recalls currently enacted by 3 businesses in Clothing and Textile homewares in Australia. These are a result of testing commissioned by the ACCC for harmful substances on 199 products.


- Azo dyes are a classification of dyestuffs used in clothing and textiles and many of them are perfectly safe for use on products we wear or se next to our skin, it is a small percentage that are classified as harmful.


- Some dyestuffs and other textile processing chemicals have been identified as hazardous for a variety of reasons, some of which are:

- Carcinogenic and/ or mutagenic

- Endochrine disruptors - e.g. affecting reproductive systems of animals in polluted waterways

- Allergens and Irritants - e.g. creating rashes, sickness and headaches etc. in some people.


- Some ways retailers and manufacturers can work to avoid these substances:

- Implement a Restricted Substance List policy for all suppliers and their suppliers for products in their chain.

- Implement due dilligence testing on their products to check for substances that are harmful.

- Use supply chains with products classified as safe by EU REACH standards.

- Look for component suppliers, or components, that are 'Oekotex' accredited, this is one form of commercially known certification for product safety in this sector.



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If you are a retailer or product developer wishing to understand more, or conduct a health check for your current supply chain compliance and policies for product and chemical safety please do get in touch with Paula or Meriel.